Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to add charms to a charm bracelet

Need to add charms to your bracelet? This article can help.


  1. Find a two pairs JEWELRY PLIERS, not a regular pliers. They can be found at most craft stores, beading shops or mass merchandisers like Wal-Mart.  (Chain nose pliers are the best.)
  2. If there is a little metal circle, also known as a jump ring, attached to the charm skip to step 5.
  3. If you do not have a jump ring then you will need to find one. They can be found at craft stores.
  4. To use the pliers to open the jump ring
    • Hold a pair of pliers in each hand.
    • Use the pliers to grab onto one side of the opening of the jump ring
    • Take the other pliers and grab the other side of the ring
    • Push one side away from you while pulling the other side toward you so the jump ring opens
    • Hold on to the jump ring with one set of the pliers and with the other attach the charm.
  5. Now bring the bracelet to the jump ring.
  6. Put the jump ring through the desired link on the bracelet's chain.
  7. While holding the jump ring, charm and chain with one pliers, pick up the other pliers with your other hand and close the jump ring in the opposite manner in which you opened the jump ring.


  • It is helpful to have someone help you do this the first time.
  • It is possible to do it with regular pliers but jewelry pliers will help you do it faster and hopefully leave no tool marks on the jump ring.


  • Keep the jump rings, charms and chain out of reach of young children. They are choking hazards.
  • Never open the jump ring by pulling the openings apart exactly opposite from each other.  Always push one end away from your body while pushing one toward your body  If you do pull them apart from side to side you might never again get the jump ring to form a perfect circle.  Doing it this way also weakens the jump ring. Not being able to close the opening completely can cause your charm to fall off and be lost.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 jewelry pliers
  • jump rings
  • charm
  • chain bracelet
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